We are planning to take off this summer (2014) for a 1-2 year long RV trip around the US called our "Ginormous RV Palooza" (the girls picked the name).

We are planning to start in Florida, because that's where you start when you live in Florida, make our way up the east coast to Maine, back down through the midwest to Mississippi then over to California and up into Alaska. We'll then come back down into Montana and work our way through the northern states to the UP of Michigan. We'll then head stright south through Michigan back to Florida.

Our (tenative) plan is to spend a week or so in each state as we see fit. We may spend 3 weeks in Boston (it's #awesome!) or 4 days in Rhode Island depending on how we feel. We've got friends and family scattered throughout the US so we'll stay in those places a little longer.

The only state we are skipping is Hawaii as the drive is too long.